Florida Man Jumps Massive Canal in Nissan Versa, Clears Landing but Breaks His Back

He almost had it.

A driver in Lehigh Acres, Florida has been charged with a hit and run in addition to two DUIs after channeling Luke and Bo Duke, jumping and clearing his car over a canal. The car he was driving, however, is a bit less cool than the “General Lee” Dodge Charger. A lot less cool, actually. It’s a Nissan Versa.

According to NBC 2, 35-year-old Robert Foley performed the stunt on 21st Street Southwest last Wednesday night, causing significant damage to the area and hitting a parked truck before fleeing on foot. The canal reportedly measures almost 20 feet. 

“He thought he was in The Dukes of Hazzard. You ever seen a truck hit another truck on I-75? Kaboom,” a witness named Gerald who lives in the area told NBC 2. “He was driving full speed, came across the canal, he landed right here on the bank as you can see. He hit this, hit the truck right here, he got out and started running. I went inside, I was scared.”

From video of the aftermath taken by witnesses (but sadly not publicly available), the Versa can apparently be seen abandoned, “crumpled in the middle of the street.” Police also say that Foley broke his back from the jump. If you’re gonna be jumping Nissans, the chiropractor in us says a higher-riding Kicks or Rogue might have been a better choice. 

The Florida man reportedly had his license revoked back in 2017. 

Just last month, a different Florida man led police on a high-speed chase in a Dodge Charger painted to resemble the actual General Lee. Although no jumps were made that day, the chase happened shortly after he set fire to his wife’s home.