Brutal Fight Breaks out in Texas Over Parking Spot

The violent altercation left one person significantly injured.

Security footage of a violent parking lot altercation in San Antonio, Texas in September has found its way online. The fight depicted between a man who believed his parking spot was unfairly nabbed by a Lexus RX owner and her daughter is quite brutal. According to Auto Evolution, it has cleared up some previous confusion regarding the incident’s chain of events.

Norma Lozano parked her Lexus and exited the vehicle, leaving daughter Anjelica waiting in the back seat. As you can see from the footage posted on LiveLeak, the yet unidentified Ford Expedition owner had been attempting to back into that same spot. 

Feeling slighted at getting his perceived spot taken, he left his Expedition to confront Lozano. She thought nothing of it and shrugged him off and walked away. The man started kicking Lozano’s Lexus, unaware her daughter Anjelica was sitting inside and watched the entire thing progress.

Anjelica got out of the car, followed the aggressor, and threw the first punch as he walked away. The man then punched, kicked, and slammed Anjelica against the adjacent vehicle. The fight moved into the street, where he threw her violently against the pavement. 

Looking at a photo in FOX29‘s initial reporting of the incident, it appears Anjelica sustained several injuries. They included bruises on her face and scrapes on her arms. The newly released footage, however, cleared up a misconception from that same article which stated the man shifted from kicking the car to punching the daughter in the face, leaving out that she threw the first punch. 

As onlookers began to notice the violent commotion occur outside of the Golden Wok restaurant, they huddled around Anjelica and moved toward the man and his vehicle. Unfortunately, he was able to drive off without an issue. As it stands, the man has yet to be identified.