Watch a Camouflaged C8 Mid-Engined Corvette Roar Around the Nurburgring

America's next supercar looks and sounds very promising.

A heavily camouflaged prototype of the highly anticipated mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette has been spotted at the Nurburgring where it looks right at home. In the brief one-minute video below posted by EMS Nordschleife TV on YouTube, we get our best look yet at the upcoming American supercar.

There’s no question this car is mid-engine and that engine, based on the sound, is probably a V8 (hopefully with more than one camshaft). Chevrolet has confirmed basically nothing about a the next generation ‘Vette – the only thing we can say is that it seems a near-certainty that the C8’s engine will finally be behind the driver for the first time in a production Corvette.

And it looks, shall we say, exotic? The designers did a nice job making the C8 look like the supercar that it is with a design that’s both functional and sexy while still being recognizable as a Corvette. But until the camouflage comes off, the final details will remain a mystery.

The mid-engined C8 will position the Corvette in a new class of sports cars. The C7 is a tremendous sports car and it would be a great swan song for the front-engine Corvette that’s been an icon since 1953, but it’s time for the model to evolve to stay competitive with premium sports cars from across the pond and even here at home. Here’s hoping the mid-engine Corvette continues the marque’s tradition of being one of the best values in performance cars.