Watch a Distracted Cop Run a Red Light and Narrowly Miss a Subaru

The Ford Explorer Interceptor at fault appears to be part of the Austin police department in Texas.

byJerry Perez| UPDATED May 1, 2018 11:54 AM

The driver of what appears to be a white Subaru WRX caught on camera a hair-raising moment that could've ended up with at least two people in the hospital and severe damage to the Subaru and a Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility.

The near-crash took place in Austin, Texas on April 16 and it was uploaded to YouTube the following day. The high-quality video was caught by a front and rear-facing dash cam installed on the WRX, and it's quickly racked up a few thousand views along with the requests of many local television networks to use the in-car footage on news television.

According to the video's description, the Subaru driver had the right of way as he crossed the intersection, as it can be verified on the footage, and the Police car did, in fact, have the red light. If a collision would've actually taken place, it would've been extremely easy for a judge to dictate who was at fault. The description also goes on to share the driver's frustration at all the different tools inside cop cars that can sometimes distract police officers, whether it be computers, license plate readers, cell phones, etc.

While I must admit that anyone, cop or not, is bound to make a mistake at the wheel at some point, this looks like a blatant display of carelessness on the officer's behalf. Needless to say, had the Subaru crossed that intersection half or a full second later than it did, the video would've shown a much more gruesome scene.

Stay safe out there, folks!