Top Gear,‘s Chris Evans Tweet Tips Chris Harris to Co-Host

Looks like the lineup will be Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and Chris Harris.

The cast for the upcoming season of Top Gear might (finally) be falling into place. We already have official word that Matt LeBlanc brings a famous face to the show, and a tweet by host Chris Evans suggests veteran auto journalist Chris Harris could be among the troupe, too. Look at the fourth person on the left in the picture above: that's him.

Harris hasn't actually announced whether or not he's on Top Gear yet, but other rumors also put him in the cast. He would certainly be a valuable asset. The Chris Harris on Cars series shows he's an engaging host and adept at big slides in high-performance machines. Harris is also a talented writer, which could only help the show.

Beyond Evans, LeBlanc, and possibly Harris, speculation also suggests Nürburgring ace Sabine Schmitz could be a host. Those reports might be accurate because Schmitz was driving an Audi R8 V10 Plus when Evans lost his lunch at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. She has also been a regular guest on Top Gear with the previous trio.

Top Gear returns to the telly in the UK on May 8 for a 16-episode season. It's too soon to know about a US premiere, but Autoblog will keep you posted.

This article originally appeared on Autoblog.