Suspected Drunk Driver Manages to Run Himself Over While Fleeing Police

Probably not what Lennon had in mind when he sang "Instant Karma," but hey, it works.

When John Lennon sang “Instant Karma’s gonna get you, gonna knock you off your feet,” chances are he wasn’t thinking about accidentally running yourself over with your own car while fleeing police. But it’s probably the only appropriate soundtrack to this new video of a drunk driving suspect in Virginia doing exactly that.

Police in Fairfax County say 30-year-old Isaac Bonsu fled a traffic stop early Sunday morning and eventually drove down a dead-end residential street in Alexandria, Virginia. The cruiser dash cam video shows Bonsu realize his mistake, pull halfway over, and hop out. Unfortunately, he also forgets to put the transmission in Park, and the car immediately rolls forward and knocks him down as he runs in front to escape on foot.

It’s a solid hit, but you can just barely make out Bonsu hopping back up to continue his getaway, now with an officer in hot pursuit. Police later arrested him after what’s described as a “brief” foot chase, and he was reportedly uninjured. 

Though getting smacked by your own car and immortalized on the internet is a decent punishment for drunk driving, WJLA News reports authorities still slapped Bonsu with a slew of charges including his third DWI, driving on a revoked license, and marijuana possession.