National Muscle Car Association Offers Free Entry to Late Model Mopar Competitors

Drivers in 2005 and newer FCA vehicles will receive a complimentary entry to compete in the Dodge/Mopar Hemi Shootout.

Some recent Dodge products, namely the Hellcat and Demon models, are built to go extremely fast in a straight line. Dodge brand owner Fiat Chrysler has announced a partnership with the National Muscle Car Association to help late model Mopar owners do exactly that.

Mopar-powered competitors in model year 2005 and newer FCA vehicles will receive complimentary entry to battle it out in the NMCA Dodge/Mopar Hemi Shootout category, giving owners the opportunity to race their vehicles in a sanctioned and secure drag strip environment. While the emphasis is certainly on high-powered Challenger and Charger models, this offer is open to any qualifying FCA vehicle, including the Viper, Chrysler 300, Ram trucks, and Jeeps.

“The National Muscle Car Association series is an excellent venue for Dodge/SRT and Mopar to give owners of our modern day FCA vehicles, including the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, the opportunity to drag race in a sanctioned, controlled environment,” said Steve Beahm, Head of Passenger Cars, Dodge/SRT, Chrysler and Fiat, FCA North America. “We’re continuing our efforts to take racing off the street and put it where it belongs—the drag strip—by providing complimentary entry into the Dodge/Mopar Hemi Shootout category.”

This offer is open to the first 75 participants at each of the six NMCA events this year. You can register online here.