Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door Coupe Teased Ahead of Geneva Motor Show Debut

With nearly two months left until its unveiling, the newest addition to the AMG GT family sneaks onto public roads in full camo.


It seems as if the concept is turning into reality. Mercedes-AMG toyed the idea of a massively powerful, ultra-stylish four-door addition to the GT model lineup last year, and now, the brand is taking to public roads across Europe to test the car before its likely debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. 

While specifications may vary from the GT Concept's outlandish 805 horsepower and sub-three-second 0-60 mph time, don't expect it to be any slouch. The boys at Affalterbach have surely worked and massaged this upcoming model to elation, and with Mercedes' newfound love for hybrid tech, the four-door coupe will almost certainly be a step towards rapid and efficient electrification. Just as we've seen with the new Mercedes-AMG CLS 53, the brand's innovative EQ Boost+ "mild hybrid" system could dish a heavy punch in terms of immediate and linear power. 


It's unclear whether the upcoming GT model will feature rear-wheel-drive only like its similarly-monikered stablemates, or if it will opt for the selectable all-wheel-drive "4Matic+" system. With it being a cross of sorts between the grand touring, slick-backed coupe range and larger, more luxurious sedans that AMG is known for, it's likely that the car will take bits and pieces from each. Whether or not that means rear-wheel steering and wicked acceleration, we can only hope.


It's difficult to tell much in the way of looks as the test mule is coated in heavy camouflage from front to rear. Styling cues from the GT Concept are clear and the marque's recurring front-fascia design looks at home on the go-fast coupe. Perhaps most notable is the trademark Panamericana grille that also pops up on the AMG GT R, S63, and S65. 

More is expected to be released in the coming months with the Geneva Motor Show starting March 8. There, the GT will be put on full display and we'll get a first-hand look at the company's newest heavy-hitting four-door.