Murder Suspect Leads Police on Crazy Wrong-Way Chase

Get your cardio for the day.

byMax Goldberg|
Murder Suspect Leads Police on Crazy Wrong-Way Chase

Have you ever had a near miss while driving and had your heart jump to 140 beats per minute? Imagine having hundreds of those types of moments in a matter of minutes.

That’s what happened to Palisades Parkway Police Officer Tim Conboy as he chased murder suspect, David Campos, through the crowded streets of Bergen County, New Jersey, on Thanksgiving. In this recently released dashcam video, you’ll see 10 minutes of an action-packed chase worthy of the next James Bond film. However, this action sequence is very real. And very dangerous.

The chase enters a whole new level of insanity when the suspect’s Chrysler 200, traveling at a high speed on a moderately trafficked highway, suddenly veers across the grassy median into a gas station. Rather than making the wise decision of stopping, Campos flies through the station and into oncoming traffic, with Conboy close behind. As the two vehicles reach speeds of 100mph, you can hear the 8-speed transmission of Conboy’s Dodge Charger working overtime.

As the chase continues, a Ford Interceptor temporarily takes the lead and stays hot on the suspect’s tail. Weaving between cars and blowing red lights, Campos shows no regard for other drivers on the road, but his Chrysler 200 proves to be no match for Conboy’s 5.7-liter V8 and the twin-turbo V6 in the Ford Interceptor.

Watching this wild chase—in which the police pursuit vehicles easily keep up with the Chrysler 200 bouncing off its rev limiter—you just know it will end in a fatal pile of twisted metal. However, gridlocked traffic intervenes and brings Campos to an abrupt halt, at which point he’s boxed in by Conboy to bring the chase to a safe close.

All in a day’s work for Officer Conboy and the Palisades Parkway Police.