Watch BAC Mono’s Topless Track Cars Get Sideways on Ice

If you think driving a convertible top down in the fall is ballsy, just watch this.

byAaron Brown|
Watch BAC Mono’s Topless Track Cars Get Sideways on Ice

Having the wind blow around your helmet in an open-top car on a road circuit is one thing, but getting snow blown in your face as you drift a roof-less car around an ice-covered lake is something a bit different. Embracing that differentness, British sports car maker Briggs Automotive Company is setting up ice driving events on Swedish lakes, so people can go balls-out in its BAC Mono cars.

The English company threw a handful of "specially selected clients and enthusiasts" in the seats of the Monos and offered some driving instruction to show them how to widen their smiles while out on the ice. 

"Our clients are considered our friends, and we are so happy that they became part of a very exclusive club of Mono drivers to have hit the ice," said BAC Co-Founder Neill Briggs in a press release. "Spirits were high for the duration of the trip and we’re very excited for the next phase of giving back to our loyal customers.”

BAC said its next big trip will come in May, when it brings customers to the Isle of Man.

Check out the sick topless slides in the clip below.