Eight New Convertibles That’ll Make You Dread the Coming Winter

Top folded. Sun out. Foot down.

If this were ancient Greece, we’d have spent the last days of summer offering sacrifices to Zeus and Demeter. Instead, we wasted them on crowded train rides to a crowded beach and attending a shitty music festival in an old Catskills bungalow colony that would have been more charming if there wasn’t so much black mold in the ballroom.

But all is not forsaken. The best part of summer, the September part, is here. First, everyone knows that the weather improves in September, when the steaming garbage and quantity of proximate, moist people in tank tops diminish. Second: convertibles.

We drove a roadster in August and were rewarded with piteous stares, our worst hair day since the Nineties and a sunburn just this side of graftable. Try out any of these eight cars during the next couple weeks, and you’ll be rewarded with sweet air, a denticle grin and the avarice of all other motorists. If it gets cold, crank the heat; the engine is producing all that warmth anyway, so why squander it?