Yes, That’s a MotoGP Bike on a Ski Lift

And, yes, the world’s best motorcyclist is going to ride it down the slopes.

byMax Prince|
Yes, That’s a MotoGP Bike on a Ski Lift


Have you been watching MotoGP? You really should be. While F1 might be floundering, the world’s premier FIA-sanctioned motorcycle racing division just keeps getting better and better. Credit Marc Márquez. At the ripe age of 23, MotoGP’s reigning champion has already achieved demigod status, the two-wheel equivalent of Ayrton Senna. Except gutsier. And, in the realm of his sport, possibly better.

But maybe you’re still not sold on Márquez. Or maybe you just enjoy seeing wonderfully idiotic stunts pulled off with the utmost swagger. Either way, this video is worth a watch. 

In it, the loons over at Red Bull bring the title-winning Repsol Honda RC213V MotoGP superbike to Austria’s Kitzbühel Alps (elevation: 8,000 feet). There, impeccably-named hometown ice speedway king Franz Zorn fits some studded tires. Then Márquez goes for a ride. 

Of course, there are wheelies. Plenty of ‘em. Also glorious, powdery roostertails, bunny hops, traction loss, and liberal use of the Honda’s 15,000-rpm limiter. Take an athlete at the top of his sport, mix in a healthy dose of youthful abandon, and the results are proper. 

Check out the full video below.

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