Watch the 470-Horsepower Maserati-Powered LM847 Motorcycle in Action

Is this the perfect bike for those who hate life?

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Sep 12, 2016 9:04 PM
Watch the 470-Horsepower Maserati-Powered LM847 Motorcycle in Action

Do you hate waking up every day to find that you are in fact still a living being on the planet Earth, complete with full use of all your limbs? Have you sat around for extended periods of time contemplating what a Maserati would be like as a motorcycle?

Well then today is your day. Turns out is a motorcycle out there built just for you. Say good morrow to the batshit LM847, built by French coach-builder Lazareth.

We at The Drive first saw this Maserati-powered quadricycle at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, when it was just another piece of metal lying on the auto show floor. Now, there is actual video of this thing moving on an actual road. In fact, in the video, the bike is ridden all the way through what appears to be a French town to a canal-side restaurant.

The LM847 is a custom design built by Lazareth, the same company that build the Ferrari-powered quad that is capable of 155-miles-per-hour. Though specifics on the LM847 are limited, we know it has a Maserati V8 that pushes out 470-horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque. The motor sends power to its two rear wheels using a twin-chain drive system and, when necessary, the bike comes to a halt by using its massive eight-piston Nissin calipers up front and four-piston Brembos in the back.

You might be reading this and thinking, "Is this actually a motorcycle?" Yeah, like pretty much? Sure, it has four wheels, but the wheels are extremely close together and designed to act as one, and the machine is also built to lean like a true motorcycle. So yes, we shall call it a motorcycle.

As we wrote in March, the overall design of the LM847 comes off as a throwback to the Viper-engined Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle-car-thing that was shown off to the world in 2003.

Check the LM847 out in action below: