The New Naked Honda CB300R Motorcycle Confirmed for the U.S.

The new café-styled Honda CB300R has a modern look that references classic design.

Upping its Ante in the battle of small-displacement bikes, Honda has released details about its all-new CB300R, which is confirmed to compete in this hotly contested class of motorcycles taking over the streets of America. 

The Honda CB300R is a naked, café-styled motorcycle, with a modern look that references classic design, powered by a 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. The CB300R will be available in a choice of two colors that Honda has named Chromosphere Red and Matte Gray Metallic. It will be available with or without ABS, which results in differing MSRPs and four pounds of weight. The CB300R is designed to provide the rider with the fun, freedom and the excitement and ease of riding a motorcycle. Low in cost, the CB300R fits well into today’s economy. 

“The CB300R has a premium feel for a small bike. It has inverted forks, radial brakes, and ABS is available. We know its market is mainly younger, entry riders, but this bike was conceived to offer more than the basics, providing all levels of customers added safety and performance features,” said Honda’s On Road Media Coordinator, Collin Miller. 

The features of the CB300R include a mix of tubular and stamped-steel frame, stout 41 millimeter inverted fork legs, lightweight aluminum wheels with braking provided by a modern, single, radial-mounted, four-piston Nissin front caliper. It has an LCD display and all lighting is LED. The total adds up to a mix of classic and modern café aesthetics. Nothing innovative, but everything necessary for the biking life. 

Weighing a scant 313 pounds and sporting a 31.5-inch seat height, the CB300R should appeal to a wide range of riders for its ease of handling. The Honda CB300R is priced at $4,649.00, and $4,949.00 with ABS.