Dynamoto Is the Answer to Your Motorcycle Storage Woes

Got some project bikes and a tight workspace? You’ll be wanting this clever little gadget.

byChris Cantle|
Motorcycles photo

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A McLaren 675LT was delivered to my house last Monday, which means last Sunday was garage cleaning day. Boxes full of books. Boxes full of old camera equipment. Boxes full of motorcycle gear. The contents of my garage yield pretty easily. It was soon clear that the biggest challenge was going to be squeezing the $350,000 McLaren alongside two half-disassembled motorcycles. Which is exactly why the dynamoto motorcycle stand is such a clever idea.

If you’ve ever had a bike, you know they’re incredibly easy to move forward and backward, and something of a bitch to move laterally. The bigger the bike, the bigger the bitch. And the same was true of most motorcycle stands: Once loaded, the bike could only be shuffled a little fore and aft. This is the problem I have in my garage, where I have to carefully push my bikes into place after I’ve positioned a car.

The dynamoto stand addresses this problem in a very clever way. By adding tiny cylindrical rollers to each of the stand’s wheels, the Australian company has changed a once fiddly proposition into a relatively simple one. Load a bike, then move it where you want it. A perfect solution for confined spaces like mine, but also motorcycle showrooms, and even crowded workshops and motorcycle trailers. It’s a simple, brilliant idea.

So brilliant in fact, that the Australian inventors sailed through Kickstarter funding and have launched a website to start selling the dynamoto stand to retail customers, starting this month.