Start a Sweet Little Side-Hustle With Amazon’s Sale on Cricut Vinyl Cutters

Or wild out with custom decals for everything in your life. Your call.
Cricut Vinyl Cutters on Sale at Amazon

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I took a graphic design course in high school. I wasn’t the best student. Whjile I passed the class, I didn’t try to do much more than that. I would rush through my work each day, and then I’d sneak off to the autobody shop. And when I wasn’t doing that, I was at the vinyl cutter, punching out decals for my older buddies’ cars. I see a few of them floating around the local roads to this day. I also see that things haven’t changed much since, with people rolling around with their social media handles stuck to the window and other graphics all over their cars. Suffice it to say that I know a lot of you can have limitless amounts of fun with the deals Amazon’s running on Cricut vinyl cutters right now. 

Right now, the Cricut Explore 3 Smart Cutting Machine is on sale for $299.00. This thing’s actually a pretty impressive piece of equipment to pop on your desktop. Not only will it cut vinyl, but wood and iron-on materials with the right blades as well. That opens up the doors to all sorts of custom art projects, and you only have to sell a few custom Insta-handle graphics for it to pay for itself. But, if you just want one to do work for your own car, or cut out some labels for your tool boxes, the Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Cutting Machine is also on sale for $160.00 and will still work with an impressive range of materials.

Cricut Explore 3 Smart Cutting Machine for $299.00

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Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Cutting Machine for $160.00