Show Us the Oldest Tool You Own

Tools don’t last like they used to.

byTony Markovich| PUBLISHED Jul 5, 2021 7:00 AM
Show Us the Oldest Tool You Own

The best tools are ones that outlast seasons, anniversaries, graduations, and Monopoly games that you started 12 years ago, as one of the worst things that can happen during a wrenching session is a busted tool. Something like a ratchet that doesn't ratchet, a screwdriver that's lost its tip, or a socket that's completely stripped can easily ruin the day. Even after encountering dozens of tool failures in the past, we still expect our tools to do the jobs they are intended to do. When they don't, the swear jar starts to overflow.

In 2021, we live in an age of designed-to-fail products, so it's getting harder and harder to find durable tools that last without refinancing loans or skipping our taxes. Although we don't have a problem paying for quality, wrenching is a money-saving activity in the first place, and it's appreciated when we're able to find finely crafted goods at affordable prices. 

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Experiencing the frustration of broken tools makes us adore the ones that have lasted. Some come from brands we all know and trust, while others can be random gems you grabbed from the discount shelf. 

In my personal collection, I've consistently relied on Craftsman screwdriver and socket sets that were passed down from my father and serve me to this day. I'm also heavily addicted to my set of small and big Craftsman RoboGrip pliers that have repeatedly been thrown about the garage, used as hammers, and torn things apart with their grabby teeth. I've only had them for about 15 years, which isn't that long, but I have confidence they'll keep calm and wrench on for years. 

Old Craftsman is the standard everybody knows for long-lasting metal, and we'd love to find out who in our audience has the oldest tool in the shed, but we'd also like to learn which other brands have produced stout and sturdy products. So, today, we ask you: What's the oldest tool you own? 

Tell us in the comments which tools have remained steadfast parts of your lives, and let us know the stories of heartbreak when the things you trusted most quit on the spot. We're here for you, whether you need to vent or give flowers.

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