A Holiday Gift Guide for Serious Star Wars Nerds

Alas, a hyperdrive upgrade won’t be under the tree.

bySean Evans|
A Holiday Gift Guide for Serious <em>Star Wars</em> Nerds


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If you’re unsure of what holiday present to bestow upon the drooling Star Wars fanatics in your life (you know, the people already in line for the midnight debut of The Force Awakens on Dec. 14), how about sprucing up their ride? Unless they’re already driving something on our list of bonkers custom Star Wars vehicles, chances are they’ve got some bandwidth for trinkets, gadgets, decals and more. If so, these are the gifts you are looking for.


Perhaps they’re a fan of the Dark side. Or they’re a Jedi knight, and want to wipe their feet on Vader’s face. Either way, these mats are a wintertime winner. They’re durable enough to withstand intergalactic grime and cleanings and won’t slip, slide or curl—even with heavy use.


No matter how much wishing they do, you SW fan will never be able to drive the real deal, but they can always pretend. So get them this custom badging emblem for relatively cheap. Not included: Irascible, howling Wookie co-pilot. (Note: At press time the Falcon badge had sold out, but check back for restocking.)


They’re vanilla scented, which seems sort of appropriate, considering the First Order Legion sentry uniform is all white. Since, historically, Storm Troopers are sort of incapable of vanquishing Rebel fighters, perhaps they can find redemption in wiping out tough odors that linger in your car.


This Artoo doesn’t need to be sitting in the back of Skywalker’s X-Wing to be a helpful co-pilot. Plop him in the cupholder, plug him into the cigarette lighter and let him power up two USB devices, bleeping and blooping all the while. Nerd bonus: his head swivels and his eye lights up to let you know how charged the electronics are.


You may not be able to protect a car from blasters or turbolasers, but with this menacing sun visor, you can put a bounty on UV damage and keep out some summer heat. Plus, nothing lets ’em know this vehicle means business like a Boba’s mask, especially when there’s a visible reflection of Han Solo entombed in carbonite.


Let your beloved do battle with rain, fog and the elements with the skill and grace of a trained Jedi—thanks to these handy covers for rear wipers. They can fit most vehicles, come in two sizes, and a multitude of colors, including Skywalker green or blue, Mace Windu purple or Vader red.


If the fan in your life pilots a Jeep, these will be his or her new favorite accessory: emblem tail light covers. Available in a variety of allegiances, they’re a cinch to install and will turn heads at any stop light.

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There are tens of thousands of decals for fans of The Galaxy’s franchise, most of them lame. These decals are anything but, reading “Objects in mirror are on the Dark Side.” The recipient of these will chuckle during every single lane change.


Chose from Boba Fett, Chewy, Darth Maul or Vader, the Death Star, even Yoda. Like this, they will. Smooth shifts, they’ll enjoy. Compliments, they will receive. Credit, you get.


Help them stay safe in style with this Chewbacca-themed seat belt cover. Made to look like a bandolier of ammo with bits of (faux) Wookie fur flying out everywhere, all that extra padding will help keep ‘em super comfy whenever they stop short.


Let your Star Wars buff transfix anyone by opening a door with this pair of LED Darth Vader projector lights. Yep, there’s a bit of installation involved, as per the selling description, but the finished effect can’t be beat: a glowing ghost of Vader on the ground. There’s also a cigarette lighter model that’ll project a demonic illumination of the most infamous Sith Lord onto the interior of any ride.