Sheetmetal Stocking Stuffers: Petrolified Vintage Car Prints

Give somebody their dream car on Christmas morning (for $27).

byMichael Frank|
Sheetmetal Stocking Stuffers: Petrolified Vintage Car Prints

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Will it be a Miura or a 930 Porsche? Are your tastes more classic, like a Mercedes 230SL, or esoteric, like the Bertoni-designed Citroën DS 21?

Regardless, Petrolified will sell you a 15x19-inch homage on semi-gloss paper, printed using archival inks. That’s the process you’d use to produce exceptionally high-quality photographic art prints. Those lofty production values, the website (and sheetmetal subject curation) are all the fever-brain product of Slovakian Martin Miskolci, who sold his work on Etsy before gaining Internet recognition for his piece Wall of Wheels.

That following evolved into Petrolified. Now, Miskolci is offering “The Originals” collection, a bold set of 29 iconic vintage cars spanning six nationalities—Germany, Italy, England, France, Japan, and Sweden. Ten of those can even be had in monochrome print; some, like the aforementioned DS, actually look cooler that way. Ferrari F40, Toyota 2000GT, Saab 900 Turbo. They’re all here, and priced from $27. Stocking stuffer supreme.