Hero of the Day: The Metalhead

A postmodern whammy bar in New Jersey.

byJonathan Schultz|
Hero of the Day: The Metalhead
Jonathan Schultz/TheDrive.com

This guy, who has realized the utter temporality of a first-generation Ford Explorer. Attributed to the Israeli-born sculptor Shlomo Harush, this piece is permanently installed in the parking lot of Mana Fine Arts, a towering storage-cum-gallery complex in the postindustrial wilds of Jersey City. Shlomo has transformed the notoriously tippy SUV into an off-kilter study of riveted metal. We wouldn’t know a postmodern critique of American exceptionalism if it bit us in our Bangladesh-sewn Levi’s, but for elevating the mundane to the sublime, we have but one word for Shlomo: Hero.