Design: A Wearable Hydration Monitor Called LVL

After all, water is key for energy and survival in general.

byThe Drive Staff|

Today in design we take a look at the Level, a state of the art hydration band that closely monitors how hydrated you are throughout your daily routine. Using an infrared light, level tracks how hydration, heart rate, sleep quality, steps, calories burned, mood and much more. Rather than playing a guessing game on what your daily water intake should be, Level closely analyzes your activity and your body’s response to such actions to determine the proper water intake required for optimal energy and sleep patterns. Once Level hones in on the appropriate ounces of water required to remain hyrdated, users should see an increase in daily energy as well as improved dietary habits. Although alternative devices like fitbits are great for monitoring activity, Level is the first smart band to further optimize your health based on activity. Head on over to their Kickstarter page to learn more about Level.