Can You Guess the Logo on this Trucker Hat?

If so, toss it in the comments for a chance to win your very own bigtruck cap.

The dudes at bigtruck are laid back car geeks. Based in Lake Tahoe, they have a huge built-in snow-sports following (snowboarders love them some trucker hats). Earlier this year, bigtruck decided to dip their toes in NASCAR by sponsoring rookie Sprint Cup driver Chris Buescher. They were rewarded for their efforts when Buescher went ahead and won the Pocono 400 in July. 

We love to wear stuff with cars on it: racecars, sports cars, actual trucks, vintage livery, logos, profiles of drivers—you name it. The more oscure the better. We’ve bought practically every single item on the blipshift shopping page. That’s why we’re happy the marketplace is growing. Like Blipshift, bigtruck has a special line of Lime Rock Park hats, complete with the famous pork chop-shaped circuit above the visor. 

So take a moment, flip through all the motorsports lore in your broken, concussed brain, and guess which famous figure is featured here, and we’ll do you a solid by sending you your very own (unused) cap. 

No cheating!