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What’s the Most Time You’ve Wasted On a Simple Car Repair?

We've all been there.

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Overconfidence can blind any level of mechanic so completely that hours, even days, can easily be wasted by focusing on the wrong thing. You see an error code, believe you know the culprit, and immediately begin replacing things. Gaskets, fluids, parts upgrades, nothing is working! Why, why, WHY?! 

Oh. That one sensor that’s hidden behind a hose is partially unplugged. *plugs it in, issue goes away* Has relief ever felt more stressful?

Tony Markovich

We ask the question because we recently related to a video from YouTube streamers the 3 Pedal Devils. While browsing Acura RSX videos, as I often do, I came across the title, “Acura RSX Dash Brake Light Diagnosis and E-brake Switch Replacement.” In short, the guys tear apart the entire center console of the vehicle to get to the brake switch only to realize the problem could have easily been resolved by topping off the brake fluid. It’s happened to all of us, and there’s no shame in it. After all, trial and error is the basis for a lot of car diagnoses.

We consider ourselves a community here, one that includes you, and communities tell stories. Even those of our own failures, which we’ll detail in the comments. We know you have tales of frustration and triumph, and we want to hear them! So tell us, what simple car repair did you waste time trying to fix? 

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