Oklahoma Police Chief Issues Himself $300 Speeding Ticket

If you do the crime, you do the time (or pay the ticket).

byMax Goldberg|
Oklahoma Police Chief Issues Himself $300 Speeding Ticket

​​​When you think of a Chief of Police, regardless of the department, most of you probably imagine an upstanding officer who has deserved his rank. Well, that is certainly the case for Sperry, Oklahoma Police Chief Justin Burch. Although the Sperry Chief was in fact speeding (75 mph and 80 mph in a 50 mph zone), he admits that he was wrong in his actions. “I did have a reason for being in a hurry, but my speeds were not reasonable,” said Chief Burch on the department’s Facebook page.

Chief Burch wrote himself a ticket as he was holding himself  “accountable just as anyone else would be.” Listen, The Drive understands you might have a led foot every once and a while but 30 mph over is definitely a doozy. In order to help do damage control over the dashcam video released of the Chief getting pulled at a high rate of speed, he issued himself a ticket for $300.

Hopefully Chief Burch learns his lesson, but we definitely respect him for ensuring he was held accountable, even if he was the one doling out the punishment.