Get Lost

A short film from Rotiform Off-Road.

byTruck Staff| PUBLISHED Apr 15, 2017 9:52 AM
Get Lost

Rotiform has been quietly breaking into the off-road segment and has brought their media prowess to the battle. Rotiform is most known for its tuner wheels but also for its amazing photo and video content of vehicles equipped with their rolling gear. In the latest short film from Rotiform, the company follows two Toyota Tacomas on an epic adventure.

Even though it's only a little under seven minutes long, it's by far one of our favorite Overlanding videos - ever. Although the Overlanding community has embraced the available technology to effectively document their journies, there are just WAY TOO MANY XOverland copycats which ultimately dilutes the content. We don't need to see another video of the local Overlanding crew talking about their epic journies. We need fewer chatterboxes and more videos like Rotiform's where the vehicles and the cinematography are highlighted. The video also earns some bonus points for incorporating some different, more appropriate tunes. Instead of the overused, Casey-Neistat-VLOG-style music, Get Lost utilizes jams that appropriately compliment the journey. Oh, and the down-home country accent is a nice touch, too.