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Can Rotiform Really Break Into The Off-Road Realm?

Looks like they're on their way.

Even if you’re only into trucks, there’s a high probability you’ve come across a vehicle sporting Rotiform wheels at one point or another. Rotiform’s Instagram has 386k followers and they’ve outfitted some of the top custom German vehicles in the world with their wheels. You may not be into what the brand represents but you know the name.

Speedhunters / Rotiform

And even though Rotiform is more known for Porsche 911s than Ford F150s, at the core of their company there seems to be a genuine interest in off-road adventures, too. This idea is reinforced after browsing the Instagram page of Rotiform’s founder, Brian. Yea, he has owned his fair share of stanced vehicles but he also owns a very capable Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

Rotiform’s transition into the off-road world is a natural progression as everyone seems to be expanding their boundaries a bit these days. Automotive enthusiasts are using their vehicles to get off-pavement now more than ever. Not to mention, it’s quite common for a performance car to be sharing a garage with an off-road rig. It may come as a shock but people can be passionate about both – I know I am.

Check out Rotiform’s latest video featuring their forged SIX-OR wheels on a properly-equipped Wrangler!