Watch Expedition Overland’s “Return to The MacKenzie” Series

It’s worth the subscription.

byEvan Yates| PUBLISHED Dec 5, 2016 11:57 PM
Watch Expedition Overland’s “Return to The MacKenzie” Series

As fun and relaxing as Overlanding appears on Instagram, it can also get quite grimy and the popular YouTube series, Expedition Overland exposes the grit behind the popular pastime. The web series tags along with a group of overlanders and their rigs as they explore North America. Thanks to some serious sponsorship, the production is amazing and the story-telling is stellar. 

Expedition Overland

The series delves into the team’s explorations and the trials and tribulations that accompany such journeys. In the latest, three-part series, the crew returns to the historic MacKenzie trail after a prior failed attempt.

Previously known as the Grease trail, the Alexander Mackenzie trail of British Columbia was formerly used by Native Americans as a trade route inland from the coast. It’s considered today as one of the most difficult trails in British Columbia to tackle on four wheels. 

The 120-mile trail requires about six days of travel and can take its toll on rigs and team members alike as they experienced on their previous trial. 

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