Toyota Pushes Simplicity of Yaris iA With Host of Commercials

With a car that comes standard with mostly everything, who needs packages?

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Feb 21, 2017 1:22 AM
Toyota Pushes Simplicity of Yaris iA With Host of Commercials

The transition from Scion to Toyota in the US has been surprisingly smooth. The company has found ways to incorporate old models into their new lineup, doing away with any worries of identity crisis. Toyota's freshest compact, the Yaris iA, is a simplistic model that brings most features as standard, doing away with the hassle of fitting optional extras beyond reason like many other cars. A recent string of videos play off of that, showing the straightforward and candid spirit of the retooled Yaris.

This may be Toyota's quirkiest clip yet. You may have thought the Prius Getaway would lead the way, but that would mean you haven't seen the automaker's latest "Whole Enchilada Package" commercial. With this cheesy ad, Toyota promotes the Yaris iA's standard features like Bluetooth capability and backup camera, showing that you don't have to spend loads of extra scratch on the most marginal features. The price for the model as shown is $17,050, displaying the model's stellar value.

This slightly more upscale advertisement shows off the Yaris iA's classy side. Here, Toyota reveals that the compact also comes standard with push-button start, pre-collision warning, and Sport mode. Each of these are respectable features for a respectable pricepoint of only $17,050 once again. And if you want a private jet to boot, that'll only run you $23,950,000 in additional fees. 

Lastly, Toyota looked to have a little fun with this one. With all the self driving craze of Teslas and autonomous fleets, this Yaris iA endorsement shows its "Self-Driving Package". But instead of actual driverless tech, it comes with a shirt. That says "self" on it. Making it self-driving. At this point, it's not even informational anymore. Just gimmicky. 

I can stand behind that.

Watch the other Yaris iA package clips on Toyota's YouTube channel; there's enough to keep you entertained for about 8 1/2 minutes, give or take.