Here’s How to Waterproof a Drone

The Drive shows off our go-to method for making drones submersible.

byAndrew Siceloff|


Water and electronics don't mix... usually. In today's video, however, The Drive will cover how to waterproof your quadcopter in the event of an occasional bath. Our guinea pig? The Eachine e010, a quadcopter known to be a great fit for bashing around indoors. 

In an attempt to make the e010 even more indestructible, we used a two-step process. We started by applying a layer of Silicon Conformal Coating to the drone, then finish it off with some Corrosion-X HD. We chose these two specifically because you can solder through them, so if you suffer an accident, you can still work on your drone as you normally would. This is our go-to combo for any electronics that need waterproofing. (A quick note: regular ol' Corrosion-X would also work, but we went with the HD version because it can handle corrosive salt water.)

Watch the video above to find out if our little Eachine survives a full submersion in a bowl of water. And if you have any questions about the process, please leave them in the comments below—and we'll try to help you with your waterproofing tasks. 

The Drive