Now That’s a Tasty Burger…

Get the unicorn of drive-thru sandwiches without getting into your car.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Jan 7, 2017 5:09 PM
Now That’s a Tasty Burger…

Fast food and cars are joined at the hip. The earliest drive-ins began cropping up during the early Twenties, not long after the automobile reached mass production. Drive-thrus followed, dotting Route 66, strategically placed to feed a postwar nation obsessed with motoring. For decades, fast food joints served as hot rod meetup spots, neon-lit wombs for American car culture. To this day, few of life’s simple pleasures beat driving a cool car to get a tasty burger. 

Just one problem: The burger you want doesn’t actually exist.

We’re talking, of course, about a Big Kahuna Burger. It’s the house speciality item from Quentin Tarantino’s fictionalized Hawaiian fast food restaurant, mentioned or seen in Reservoir Dogs, Four Rooms, From Dusk Till Dawn, and, famously, Pulp Fiction. This is the undisputed unicorn of drive-thru burgers, the choice of Biblical hitmen and psychotic diamond thieves, so delicious it can only exist in cinematic reverie. Ideally, you’d climb into a freshly-waxed Bel Air or rumbling big-block Chevelle and grab a combo meal now. Seeing as that’s not an option, Andrew Rea, host of the online cooking show “Binging with Babish,” has the next best thing. 

Check out his video guide to creating a most tasty Big Kahuna Burger. Wash it down with a cold Sprite, cue up Death Proof, and get to enjoying your weekend.