Watch Google Home Work With Hyundai Blue Link

Set your navigation destination and your interior temp, all from your home.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Jan 5, 2017 8:46 PM
Watch Google Home Work With Hyundai Blue Link

It's nothing new that our lives are becoming gradually more integrated with technology. We rely on gadgets and accessories to plan our day out, scheduling meetings and planning routes, so we don't have to. Google Home is just one of many ways to control smart home features and answer questions with the uber-popular search engine, and Hyundai has found a way to capitalize on that functionality. By communicating with your Hyundai's Blue Link system, Google Home can remote start your car as well as set the cabin temperature simply from your voice. As you can see in the video, Google Home sends all of this information, as well as the destination address, to the 2017 Tucson without having to lift a finger.

This is a minor but essential detail to many, intertwining technology with your home and vehicle. It combines intelligent equipment of two sorts, making your morning easier and planning more convenient. It won't be long before we see this feature pop up in more cars, but for now, Hyundai has got the others beat.