Team Overland Wrangles Christmas Trees for Families in Need

Putting their rigs to good use!

byEvan Yates| PUBLISHED Dec 23, 2016 6:59 PM
Team Overland Wrangles Christmas Trees for Families in Need

Back in 1989, Clark Griswold thought it would be a great idea to take his ill-equipped Ford Taurus station wagon to the woods to cut down their family Christmas tree. We all know how that ended. With all the silly Christmas stunts floating around social media, it’s refreshing to find one group of automotive enthusiasts that is truly doing something cool for their community. Earlier this month, the Team Overland crew trekked deep into the woods to collect Christmas trees for families in need.  Team Overland of Southern Oregon is a veteran-led organization that uses outdoor expeditions as an outlet to overcome challenges associated with Post Traumatic Stress. 

Team Overland

As to why the group chose this particular good deed this Christmas, CEO and Founder, Matthew Havniear explains, “We want to not only engage our members in unique ways but also use our passion to benefit the community we live in.” Havniear continues, “Sometimes a Christmas tree can be a real added expense or inconvenience to those tight on money or disabled.” Team Overland utilized their heavily-equipped rigs to traverse the mountains and secure trees for a dozen families. “We were able to donate trees to 12 families including two foster families and one family whose young daughter fights cystic fibrosis and who also just had their second baby,” says Havniear. 

Azalya, the brave young girl fighting cystic fibrosis. , Team Overland

If you were wondering, Team Overland didn’t just drive off into the woods and start hacking down trees. The team purchased 12 permits to be officially allowed to select and extract the trees for this program. In the spirit of Overlanding and the holiday season, the group also helped a traveler stuck on the trails on their way home.