Audi Q8 Concept Render Revealed

The range-topping SUV is set to debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

UPDATED Jan 5, 2017 7:02 PM
Audi Q8 Concept Render Revealed

Audi is now prepping the public for their new Q8 model prior to its Detroit Auto Show release. The luxo-SUV will sit atop the company's large vehicle lineup, combining contemporary styling with stellar usability. Expect tons of interior space and competitive fuel economy.

The Q8 is said to be nearly ready for production. It will feature a variety of powertrain options, including an e-tron model that has been developed with Porsche. This promises exceptional efficiency as the manufacturer is shooting for at least 35 miles of electric-only range. This would place the Q8 at the top of its class for electric capabilities, an important benchmark for Audi. Other engine choices should include a V6 and V8 variants in both gasoline and diesel guise. With that being said, don't expect to see any TDI Q8s in America. Porsche has a hand in making the car's internal combustion engines as well. 

Audi aims to incorporate coupe-like styling in its new Big by structuring a flat-lined roof and sweeping lines. The gaping grill up front adds an extra bit of toughness that we love, too. This crafty design seems as if it will give the BMW X6, one of the Q8's main competitors, a run for its money in the looks department. The once-strange sport SUV segment has since grown into a large part of German manufacturers' playbooks.

The Q8 shoots to be an all-around bundle of performance, adaptability, and technology --with the latter being perhaps the most important. By using intuitive methods towards interior luxury and powertrain dynamics, Audi can lead the pack of large SUVs in several categories. The manufacturer is consistently updating their machinery to become top of the line and high class, besting its rivals in terms of future tech. V2V communication promises to revolutionize the way we drive, and Audi has a big part in its advancement. Thanks to that, the Q8 is shaping up to be a real humdinger.