Audi Shows Off New Traffic Light Information System

Another convenience feature from the proper German manufacturer.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Audi News photo

Audi recently introduced yet another convenience technology feature in their Traffic Light Information system. This adds to the company's ever-growing arsenal that they've unveiled over the past year. This innovative feature is first being debuted in Las Vegas as their traffic signals have been outfitted with the technology needed to relay information to the Audi's control center.

This new technology will improve the car's overall experience in a variety of ways. When at an intersection, your Audi will communicate with the traffic light so that it times out how long you will be waiting at each designated stop. This may seem a bit gimmicky at first, but then you have to consider the other benefits. This feature will be utilized in the car's navigation system, improving travel times by selecting the quickest routes in relation to traffic and average wait time. it will also work in tandem with the car's Auto Start/Stop function so that the engine knows exactly when to deactivate, then fire up again. This is just another minor feature that boosts the Audi's luxurious amenities.

The function will first find its way into the Audi Q7 as well as the A4, including the Allroad variant. These are some of the company's most popular sellers, so it's only reasonable that they receive the technology first. Eventually, it would be logical to expect the feature in every one of their models. This, along with the stellar Virtual Cockpit feature, gives these models a host of unique features that differentiate them from the rest of the market. 

As Audi keeps adding these features, their products become smarter and smarter. After a slightly dull period, the company has revitalized their lineup with a surge of technology and style. As more cities support this feature, we should see the use of it expand throughout the country. Audi is truly on to something, even with upgrades as small as this. It's all part of the bigger picture that should help the company stand out amongst its peers.