Off-Road Trailers Encourage More to Explore

These compact companions can make for an enjoyable excursion.

Now more than ever, people are beginning to get off their couches (and their phones) and explore the outdoors and they’re using their vehicles to do so. With suspension and powertrain technology provided by the auto manufacturers as well as the aftermarket, it’s possible to equip your rig for virtually any obstacle and scenario. Thus, the horizons have been broadened and our explorations can be extended. A major component of these explorations is, of course, the camping element. Thankfully, there’s plenty of options for that, too.

Outside of roof top tents, the fastest-growing travel camping segment has been off-road trailers. These compact companions not only provide a safe, reliable place to lay your head during your travels, they also allow you to enjoy some of the amenities from home. If we’re being honest, there are varying degrees of campers and some simply don’t want to rough it 100% and I think that’s perfectly fine.

Within the off-road trailer realm, there are many options. I’m going to narrow them down to trailers you can actually sleep inside as opposed to the pop-up style or rudimentary type that would accommodate a tent. The main appeal of these trailers is that they’re typically lightweight – most of the time under 1500 lbs –  and can easily be pulled by most passenger vehicles. 

Although some of these trailers are moderately built to go rock crawling, my guess would be that most people would rather not do it with a trailer behind them. With off-road trailers (as opposed to roof top tents) you can simply unhook, go hit some trails and come back to base. 

Below are five trailers that have been making some noise in the Overlanding community. There’s also a decent amount of rental companies that will let you test them out if you’re not ready to commit.

Moby1 XTR


Base Price: $18,500.00

Base Weight: 1,800 lbs

Size: 5′ x 108″

Website: Moby1 Trailers

Oregon Trail’R TerraDrop

Oregon Trail’R

Base Price: $15,000.00

Base Weight: 1200 lbs

Size: 5′ x 8′

Website: Oregon Trail’R 

TCTeardrops ORE


Base Price: $8900.00

Base Weight: 1100 lbs

Size: 5′ x 10′

Website: TCTeardrops


Lead Dog Motorsports Dog House

Lead Dog Motorsports

Base Price: $8595.00

Base Weight: 1450 lbs

Size: 5′ x 8’

Website: Lead Dog Motorsports 

Model: So-Cal Teardrops XS 510

So-Cal Teardrops

Base Price: $19,305.00

Base Weight: 1400 lbs

Size: 5′ x 10’

Website: So-Cal Teardrops