Fall Foliage Guide to These United States

Get in a car and peep some leaves. Now.

byMax Goldberg|
Fall Foliage Guide to These United States

It’s autumn in the U.S., and everything is glorious. Every state not named Hawaii or Florida is blanketed with vivid reds and yellows, so resist the urge to cozy up by the boob tube with a cup of nacho cheese and diet cola.

Instead, dust of your Avanti or Facel Vega—or minivan; we don’t care—and take a foliage cruise through your nearest national or state park. And while you’re out enjoying the crispy crispness, snap a picture and send it to social@thedrive.com, and we may share it on our Instagram page.

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According to this handy map, the following parks are experiencing peak foliage:

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