Fury Road’s Stunts, Unmasked

Even without CGI, Fury Road is still completely mad.

byChris Cantle| PUBLISHED Sep 12, 2016 10:58 PM
Fury Road’s Stunts, Unmasked

Have no doubt, Fury Road will go down as the best car guy's movie of our decade. Why? Because even stripped of it's storyline and its CGI, the stunts are gutsy enough to put your heart in your throat. Unforgettable custom-built cars, brilliant camera work, and proper risk. That's what's exposed by this video. Destruction is beautiful in slow motion, but flips and rolls at real speed are violent things. The camera cranes, the Russian arms, the scaffolding and the green screens, they’re all there and exposed. It's filmmaking. Warts and all. And still, it's absolutely breathtaking.

All that hardware, all those jumps and explosions, they’re set to a special kind of post-apocalyptic scenery. It looks like the native stomping grounds of the burly Ford Raptor camera trucks. At a glance you might guess the southern California desert. Maybe Baja? Nothing nearly that convenient, Fury Road was filmed in Namibia, on the southwest coast of Africa. It’s about as far away from the traditional cinematographer’s desertscapes of the Mojave, or Morocco as you can get. We get a good look at it here, and what makes it such a special location.

While Namibia makes for an incredible background, Fury Road adds a layer of stars, stunts and a proper budget. Still, there’s a quality that comes through in these unpolished takes. Something that no amount of CGI can cover up. Guts. You can’t fake those.