Safe and Sound

Volvo takes a giant leap forward for safety.

byThe Foundry at Time Inc.|
Safe and Sound


Volvo engineers have designed Intellisafe, an onboard safety system that creates a virtual buffer zone around the S90. Here’s the what, how, and why behind its development.

Why is safety important? Volvo believes technology can make life less complicated while making the world a better and safer place. That’s been a core belief since day one. With features like Intellisafe, the new S90 is a huge push toward Vision 2020, that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020.

How does Volvo keep you safe? As a leader in automotive safety, Volvo has a wealth of knowledge that brings advancements like the 360 degree camera, and Intellisafe to fruition. These features not only allow you to see a 360 degree image of the area around your car, but also detect threats that might go unnoticed by the driver. It can warn against collisions and even steer or brake to avoid or mitigate an incident if the driver doesn't respond.  

What is Intellisafe? It’s a suite of electronic safety features that, among other things, monitors a 360° perimeter around the car. Standard Intellisafe features include Pilot Assist, Lane Keeping Aid, City Safety Collision Avoidance, Run-off Road Mitigation and Driver Alert.