Play It Forward

Apple CarPlay and Volvo’s Sensus Connect make your iPhone just a button away.

byThe Foundry at Time Inc.| PUBLISHED Jun 13, 2016 9:44 PM
Play It Forward

Volvo’s Sensus Connect Touchscreen sets a new benchmark for what drivers should expect from a car’s infotainment system. The patented four-tile home screen is a result of extensive research that delivers an easy, enjoyable experience that reduces distraction. Every function in the car is a swipe or tap away, with plenty of room to expand with new applications in the future.

• The 9-inch infrared touchscreen provides the responsiveness of a tablet with the flexibility to be used with your finger and even gloves. Many functions are also available via voice command or the steering wheel’s thumb controls.

• Navigation, audio, and phone controls are fixed in the top three tiles, while the fourth tile is reserved for a selection of in-car applications such as Spotify, Pandora, Yelp, and others available in the in-car Volvo app store.

• Apple CarPlay (and soon Android Auto) run in the Sensus Connect Touchscreen’s fourth tile, providing one of the most integrated phone experiences available today. It is the only system to allow use of other vehicle functions while CarPlay is engaged.

• Can’t live without Siri? A double tap on the steering wheel switch will bring it to life, and you’ll be able to send messages, search the Internet, or change music using only your voice.