Drive Wire: Mercedes May Bring The G500 4X4 To The States

Huge news from Mercedes-Benz today as the stalwart and bad-ass G55 Gelandewagen looks to be getting a stablemate. The G500 is a purpose-built off roader that makes the G-wagen look like a crossover. The G500 is designed from the wheels up to pound some serious ground, with a twin-turbo four-liter V8 making well over 400 horses and putting them down through portal axles. Due to a beefed up suspension, the big Benz boasts over a foot and a half of ground clearance. Breakover angles? Don’t even worry about it. Fording depth? More than three feet. Interior? Just as posh as the G-wagen. As for the price, it seems likely to fetch a shade over a quarter million. Put your order in if you’re into this sort of thing.