Follow The Drive As We Try to Break an Autonomous Record in a Tesla P90D

It’s time for the #ManhattanToMotorCity Challenge

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Apr 12, 2016 1:56 PM
Follow The Drive As We Try to Break an Autonomous Record in a Tesla P90D

What is the #ManhattanToMotorCity challenge, you ask? It's straightforward, not to say simple: we put editor-at-large Alex Roy inside a Tesla Model S P90D in New York and tasked him with getting to Detroit—or, more specifically, we tasked Roy with letting the car get itself to Detroit under its own power, for as much of the trip as possible.

And we're adding in some other wrinkles: while Tesla's recommended Supercharger Network route runs more than 850 miles and takes the car either north, through Canada, or south, through Maryland, we prefer a more direct path. Our planned route cuts across New Jersey, through Pennsylvania and Ohio, and then onto Michigan—a 624-mile option that's supposed to run about 9-10 hours, but with the caveat that charging stations are harder to come by, and it also puts the vehicle into the middle of a potentially nasty storm system where the wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations could further tax the Tesla's vaunted EV powertrain.

Check back here for updates throughout the day, or follow along directly on Twitter and Instagram and on Snapchat (the-drive). Roy will also live-stream updates on our Facebook page and will have a LIVE Q+A there at 4:00 PM EST. Send us your questions on Twitter with #ManhattanToMotorCity, or by sending us a Snap.

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