This Month’s Best Car Movies on Netflix

Netflix and Rev.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Apr 4, 2016 12:00 PM
This Month’s Best Car Movies on Netflix

It's April 1st: Happy April Fool's Day, or the holiday when we learn how few people are qualified to work at The Onion. Should you survive the prank onslaught, April 1st is also the date at which many film and television licenses begin, meaning a whole new crop of entertainment is coming to Netflix. (Some other titles are, of course, expiring. Circle of life.) Among the rom-coms, Oscar-winners, and forgotten B-movies are some sweet rides. Yes, today marks the last day you'll be able to heat-up a Hot Pocket and watch 2 Fast 2 Furious, but fear not: there are plenty of sexy, fast, sometimes on-fire vehicles riding in to fill that void. Your Netflix, and your chill, will survive.

16 Blocks

This somewhat-forgotten 2016 thriller featured Bruce Willis as a disheveled NYPD cop and Mos Def as his charge. The task? Get Mos to the courthouse only—you guessed it—16 blocks away, though he's hunted at every turn. The sheet metal is nothing less than a New York MTA bus, banged-up and shot through within an inch of its life.

Boogie Nights

The cars of the Boogie Nights era were, motor-wise, pretty flaccid. Dirk Diggler's prize '77 Corvette, for example, makes well under 200 horsepower. It's impressive to look at, though, and that's the movies. Babe.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Space shuttle magnificence, 'tis all.

A Clockwork Orange

Like the Boogie Nights Corvette, the insane, orange Probe 16 is all about the looks. The lurid shape, searing paint, and insane stance—the whole thing stood under three feet tall—looked great in Stanley Kubrick's classic, but off screen the car's 86 horsepower didn't mean much on the road.

Deep Impact

The weirdness of the movie's starring couple aside—Téa Leoni and Elijah Wood?—Deep Impact is loaded with great special effects (for 1998) for the titular spacecraft. Plus, Leoni pulls a little hot-shoeing in a Saab 900.

Transporter 3

Jason Statham is an excellent action star, but his best moves are often behind the wheel. After an initial scene of quality roundhouse kicks, Statham gets shoehorned into a black Audi A8 W12 and stays put for the rest of the film.

Sunset Boulevard

Okay, so maybe those mourning the loss of 2 Fast 2 Furious won't be satisfied with Billy Wilder's 1950 camp classic. Still, any petrolhead with a pulse loves a gorgeous 1929 Isotta Franchini, just like the one Norma Desmond owns.

Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics, Season 1

There are no cars here. Ina loves a good Burgundy, not a Bentley. This is just great television.