Nissan Teases 370Zki Project for Chicago Auto Show

A one-of-a-kind project car based on the 2018 Nissan 370Z was teased in a 20-second video clip.

byDave Bartosiak|
Nissan Teases 370Zki Project for Chicago Auto Show


I have very fond memories of going to the Chicago Auto Show growing up. Most of them are very cold memories as the auto show is always around the second week of February. And if you’ve ever been to McCormack Place you know how absolutely colossal it is so inevitably you end up spending a half-hour walking to the show floor. But when you finally get there, it’s automotive nirvana. There’s a long hall separating the two enormous sides. Upon arrival, you’re torn between which side to go to first. The correct answer is, there is no wrong side.

This year if you’re braving the frozen tundra that is Chicago this time of year, make sure you check out the Nissan installment. Today the company teased a project car it will unveil at the show. All it gave us to go off of is a short, animated teaser video The video starts by panning down a frozen mountainscape while gentle flurries descend. You can hear the roar of 370Z in the background and as the camera gets to the snow-covered plain at the base of the mountain you see track marks. Then, in the tracks, a letter “Z” followed by the letters “ki” appear. Underneath, the hashtag #NissanCAS18.

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Nissan says it’s time for us to say "Hello to the #Nissan370Zki, a one-in-a-kind vehicle based on the 2018 Nissan 370Z" set to make its world debut in Chicago. They say the Zki should be pronounced as “Ski.”

Now that’s what I call marketing! Being of Polish descent myself and having grown up in Chicago, I can think of no other place on earth where putting “Ski” after your name is more appropriate. After all, Chicago does have the largest Polish population of any city outside of Warsaw. And since my last name, Bartosiak, is Polish for “Burnout” I certainly approve this message.