AEROTAIN Elevates Drone Advertising to New Heights

From the Drobotron Billboard to drone light shows, drones in advertising are becoming mainstream.

AEROTAIN is in the business of drone-related experiential advertising. The company seems to be forging ahead with new ways to advertise, thanks to the affordable and practical nature of modern unmanned aerial vehicles, and we seem to be entering an advanced phase of aerial marketing. For example, tethering UAVs to an inflatable, all-seeing eye that cruises past a crowd at a basketball game, serving as a hovering “kiss-cam,” and displaying sponsor logos. 

Last year, the Drobotron was fairly impressive news. For the first time ever billboards had become both mobile and aerial. With regular news of drone tech advancements and the inevitable ubiquitousness of UAVs, the Drobotron seemed to be pointing toward a future where billboards would cruise through city streets without anyone thinking twice about it (think Blade Runner). This wasn’t just a new way to advertise, but a new way to be sold something through an experience you likely wouldn’t forget. The next step in this evolution, of course, has been Intel’s focus on drone light-shows, which have already been used for clients as big as Warner Bros., the Super Bowl, and Lady Gaga. 

Last month, Intel broke yet another Guinness World Record by using drones to promote a company. While that company was Intel itself, this evolution of drone-infused marketing is becoming more and more interesting as time goes on. From a hovering billboard to light shows at one of the biggest sporting events in the world, drones are quickly becoming an important part of every marketing department keen on creating engaging, memorable experiences for potential customers. 

In October, we reported on yet another entertainment-related drone group. While Measure is busy improving agricultural and energy-related industries through its use of drones, its M2 division is focused on promotions through the very same tool. M2 has a roster of clients that includes Rhianna, Cartier, Coach, and Stevie Nicks. There’s clear growth and potential for a trend here as drones become a vital aspect of marketing and advertising.

Below are AEROTAIN videos showcasing its drone-motored objects being paraded at events giving audiences something to remember, and sponsors the hope that they do. 

Here’s AEROTAINMENT at TEDx Zurich.

While this may seem wholly unnecessary to some, it’s definitely striking and not quick to leave your mind. AEROTAIN is simply another link in the chain of UAVs being casually implemented in our daily surroundings. In a few years from now, it’s pretty likely that we’ll have UAVs advertising products or artists at music festivals, for example. CNN recently received permission to fly over crowds. How long until Coca-Cola does too? Surely, a titan as large as The Coca-Cola Company isn’t far behind. Who knows? You might see the newest Marvel movie-trailer on a screen tethered to a drone on your way to the bus stop in the near future. Stay tuned, as we continue to keep our eyes on the future of drones in advertising.