NVIDIA AI-Driven Autonomous Cars Take Center Stage at GTC Europe

NVIDIA dives head-first into the world of autonomous transportation.

The GPU Technical Conference in Munich is an annual showcase of the best advancements in computer technology, but it seems like it’s no place for cars. That is, until autonomous concept cars became the main attraction this year according to NVIDIA, a gaming technology company and now a competitive force in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Those who set foot in the International Conference Center this week were greeted with a fleet of autonomous concept vehicles powered by NVIDIA’s Artificial Intelligence systems. The theme for this event was the future of mobility, displaying a diverse range of concepts that covered everything from race cars to taxis


The most popular of the group (and the fastest) was the Roborace Robocar, a Formula E racer with futuristic styling and an NVIDIA DRIVE PX supercomputer dictating its every move. The racecar is capable of reaching 186 miles per hour without a driver.


The Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept appeared as well, a futuristic luxury car that can alter its bumpers and wheels based on its speed. NVIDIA describes it as a “Digital Transformer.” 


At the opposite end of the spectrum was the e.GO Mover, a Level 4 autonomous (no driver attention required) shuttle capable of transporting up to 15 people. Its compact design and self-driving system are the building blocks for creating a network of autonomous vehicles that extends well beyond private automobiles.


The NVIDIA BB8 self-driving car was there of course, a Lincoln MKZ that NVIDIA uses to test out new autonomous features. You can already spot a few of these cars commuting around New Jersey, California, and Germany.


NVIDIA also made sure to have some cars for people who prefer here and now, ones you can already purchase and drive around– or be driven around by. Guests could explore the 2018 Audi A8L and Tesla Model X equipped with NVIDIA sensors and DRIVE PX systems. The Audi A8 is a revolutionary car for the industry, as it is the first production car with Level 3 (eyes off) autonomy.