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The Drive 100: The Greatest Viral Videos of 2015

If you didn't know, now you know.

Every day through Dec. 23, the writers and editors of The Drive are bringing you the essential guide to the year in car culture. Divided across 10 core categories, The Drive 100 is a celebration and send-up of the year that was. Check back tomorrow for: Auction Stars.

Viral videos are the candy of the Internet, and we love candy. Lucky for us, 2015 was a fantastic year in viral eye candy. From the reliably badass Hoonigan crew to envy-inducing Harry’s Garage and all the spins, wrecks and “hold my beer” moments between.

The great democratizing power of YouTube means that even high-budget, manufacturer-backed productions like the Mickey Rourke/Nissan number below can exist on the same spectrum of popularity as a crash of a middling American muscle car. It’s magic.

So do yourself a solid. Take a long lunch today and enjoy our 10 favorite viral videos from 2015.

Black Friday Drifting Through an Abandoned Mall (Hoonigan)