Someone Bashed Donald Trump Jr. From IndyCar’s Official Twitter Account

“Oops,” someone at IndyCar probably said.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Jul 14, 2017 1:13 PM
Someone Bashed Donald Trump Jr. From IndyCar’s Official Twitter Account

There are social media mishaps ... and then there's this. Someone with admin rights over the official IndyCar Twitter account forgot to switch over to their personal feed, and proceeded to tweet (disapprovingly) about Donald Trump Jr.'s relationship with the Russians. Not exactly the kind of publicity you're looking for, especially when you're a grand-stage racing series.

Now before we jump on the bandwagon, IndyCar really couldn't have done anything to stop this. The post was only up for a brief time, but caught fire across the social media platform and caught all kinds of attention.

Not to mention some especially rough ones.

The president's son has already caught his fair share of flack over the past week thanks to his exposed email chain with the Russians, which he tweeted himself, leaving others to question what's really going on between the two. Speculation of collusion with the Russian government has been hot over the past few days, explaining why the OP felt the need to tweet in the first place. 

With Trump and the Russians being such a touchy topic, it's understandable that this caused quite the controversy. The hashtag on the end adds quite the finishing touch as well; luckily for them, the poster remains anonymous.

There's no telling if this IndyCar employee will be able to keep his/her spot with the company after this, but expect them to get a stern talking to in the office. Oh, and maybe make an appearance on plenty of late night talk shows.