Check Out This Real-Life Star Wars Speeder Bike

Blaster sound effects included.

When we went to the Iola Car Show in central Wisconsin to visit Camaro No. 1, we saw a this amazing replica Speeder Bike—like the ones that race around Endor in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi—built by Vintage Works in Green Bay, WI. It was a display piece to show off their fabrication chops. Based on a 2016 Zero electric motorcycle, which is an appropriate drivetrain for this ride, its motor is silent, but when you fire it up, it makes movie-correct sound effects through a 400-watt four-speaker audio system. Yes, it also has “blasters.”

This one-off was designed with SolidWorks and built with over 400 billet aluminum CNC machined parts. It has pneumatic front and rear flaps, suspension, and foot pedals. In lieu of a handlebar, it has two throttle-like controls that turn the bike like a zero-turn lawn mower or a podracer. To top it all off, it was painted with a distressed look like it’s seen some action chasing down Rebel scum by none other than Ryan from Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas.

We asked the woman at the booth if it was for sale and she said it was with the right offer. You won’t find one in any dealerships, but if you want a Speeder Bike badly enough and you have a lot of money to burn, contact Vintage Works to get your hands on the coolest custom motorcycle in the galaxy.