Polaris Slingshot Recalled Again To Fix Problem Caused By Previous Recall

It’s Groundhog Day for the quirky three-wheeler.

byEric Brandt|
Motorcycles photo

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Last October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall for 17,572 models of the Polaris Slingshot three-wheeled motorcycle thing. That recall was for “an improperly manufactured swingarm, resulting in decreased swing arm strength.” The swingarm is the suspension part that holds the rear axle, so it’s pretty important that it’s strong enough to hold onto the wheel reliably.

Not even a year later, 8,962 Slingshots are being recalled again according to Motorcycle.com to correct something that went wrong when remedying the 2016 recall. With the last recall, the original swingarm was replaced with a new, stronger part cast from a redesigned mold. But at least some of the repair kits sent to dealers were missing key pieces.

They were all supposed to come with two dust plug grommets designed to protect the rear wheel speed sensor from dust and debris. Unfortunately, the repair kits in question did not. Without them, the sensor can be more easily contaminated and fail, which would trigger warning lights for traction control and ABS.

If you bring your Slingshot into the Polaris dealer for this recall, all they’ll do is check to see if you have those grommets protecting your speed sensor. If they’re there, your recall is done, but if they’re not, you’ll get a shiny new pair free of charge.

This is bad news for the already struggling Slingshot, which is having a hard time finding a market. Despite Polaris having a good first quarter of 2017, Slingshot sales were “down significantly due to low product availability,” according to Polaris.