C.J. Wilson, Aaron Carter to Join Top Gear America as Celebrity Guests

The two join Chris Daughtry on the list of known famous folks expected to make an appearance.

C.J. Wilson, Aaron Carter to Join <em>Top Gear America</em> as Celebrity Guests


Since History Channel’s Top Gear USA was canceled and a new version on BBC America called Top Gear America—hosted by actor William Fichtner, journalist Tom Ford, and driver Antron Brown—was announced, there has been much speculation as to what the show will be like, and if it will go back to a studio format including celebrity guests, a la regular Top Gear.

As Justin Hughes reported here on The Drive, singer Chris Daughtry was first to be leaked to be appearing as a guest on the show. Since then, social media posts have revealed two more likely celebrity guests: former baseball pitcher and race team owner C.J. Wilson and singer Aaron Carter.

From C.J. Wilson’s Instagram picture, you will notice that they are back to a studio format with a live audience, where the guests will be interviewed by a host. 

And here is Aaron Carter.

Note: Chris Daughtry, C.J. Wilson, and Aaron Carter are all wearing matching Top Gear America race suits.

Being that this is America, the race suits could just be guest required apparel if you want to appear on the show, but Chris Daughtry’s prior social media post in which he states he was “about to smoke some fools at the track” implies otherwise. But at this point, this is all just speculation. We'll just have to wait a few more months until the new Top Gear America premieres on BBC America.